Building on many years of experience in science communication, Wylkomm has successively expanded its areas of expertise. Today’s portfolio of technical communication includes specialization in foundation, pharmaceutical, health, political, and crisis communication.

Technical communication includes not only the preparation and dissemination of well-founded work and results, but also communication between the various institutions, researchers, with the public as well as other stakeholders. This requires tailor-made communication concepts. What is the goal of the communication? Who is the sender and who is the recipient of the message? What means of communication are available and used for this purpose?

Our experience and training enable us to provide support in a variety of areas, from analyzing and revising communications from the ground up to assisting with the creation and/or research of individual texts.

Universities, research institutes, foundations, and political organizations are increasingly competing with other institutions. In order to hold their ground in this environment, they need specific communication and marketing strategies. An important tool in this context is technical communication. It serves to transport the right content, in the right form, to the appropriate target groups. We are happy to support you.