Do you want to solve a conflict, support yourself or an employee? Are you planning to bring a team together? Would you like a career coaching? With different, target-oriented methods and equipped with a rich toolbox, we are at your side to help you reach your desired goal.


Conflicts can arise in all areas of life where people communicate with each other. If two or more parties do not agree, seemingly unsolvable differences can arise. Mediation is a method of finding a solution in this situation that is satisfactory for all parties involved.

Mediation means the resolution of conflicts or disputes by impartial third parties, namely the mediator. In this procedure for the constructive settlement of a dispute, the mediator accompanies the conflicting parties in an agreement process. The different needs and interests of the parties are considered, and they work together to find a fair solution. It is important that the mediator does not represent any of the parties and does not make any decisions in the settlement process.

Mediation is an out-of-court process and is based on the free will of the conflicting parties to reach an agreement together. It is suitable for many types of disputes. Our offer includes business mediation, intracompany mediation, mediation in team and group conflicts, mediation of business succession, mediation of generational conflicts, family mediation.


Conflict coaching
If one party is alone in its desire to work out a solution together with its counterpart, conflict coaching could be an alternative to mediation. In contrast to the mediative process, conflict coaching does not require the participation of the other conflict parties. In this process, the causes of the conflict are determined, and ways are worked out to get out of the conflict dynamics.

CV coaching
You would like to apply for a job and are unsure whether your application documents are meaningful enough and meet today’s requirements? You have been on the job search for a long time without any success?

Our CV coaching supports you in all questions concerning your application dossier. We carry out CV checks, give tips on motivation letters, and optimize application letters. We also carry out profile analyses. Together with you, we work on showcasing your strengths, your motivation, and your potential in order to incorporate them into your portfolio. We help you to give your application documents a personal touch and open the door to your dream job.

Career coaching
Career coaching is a professional service that helps people plan and develop their professional career. Do you want to review your current situation, identify, and maximize (new) career goals? Are you thinking about a professional reorientation, or do you want a change in your existing field? We support you in identifying your potentials and perspectives, setting realistic and achievable milestones, and developing strategies to reach them. For the implementation, the offer of CV coaching can be added regarding your dossier. We will be happy to put together a package tailored to your needs. Steer the sails for a career that fulfills you.


In a strong team that works well together, efficiency and productivity are increased, and the respective potentials of the employees are better leveraged. This is the goal of team building. It is considered a valuable tool to promote team dynamics and effectiveness, as well as to increase trust and satisfaction. It can also help to facilitate the integration of new employees and strengthen the we-feeling in new and existing teams. Misunderstandings are minimized, communication is improved, and conflicts are resolved constructively. Methodically selected activities and exercises in our workshop, which is individually developed for you, aim to foster relationships between team members and create a positive working atmosphere or maintain it in a playful way.