Founder & CEO

Juggling with words, highlighting them creatively, and working with people is my passion. But I am also an analytical person. I have always been fascinated by mathematics and thought games with numbers. In my training and work as a blackjack dealer, I was able to train mental arithmetic under time pressure to perfection. And yes, I really enjoyed it – but working at night was less fun. I prefer to meet people by day, in bright light and with a clear head.

Work experience

2016 – present
Founder & CEO
Wylkomm GmbH, Remetschwil

2019 – present
Senior Communications and Marketing Advisor

2013 – present
Head of Communication
UBS International Center for Economics in Society

2009 – 2015
Head of Communication and Head of Studies
University of Zurich, Department of Economics

2008 – 2010
Lecturer, Communication and Media Studies
HWZ – Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich

2006 – 2010
PhD Student and Research Assistant
University of Zurich,
Department of Communication and Media Research

2002 – 2004
Wohler Anzeiger | Bremgarter Bezirksanzeiger


2006 – 2010
University of Zurich
Media and Communication Science, PhD
PhD in political communication, supervised by
Prof. Heinz Bonfadelli and Prof. Frank Marcinkowski

PhD thesis (in German): Wyler-Zerboni, Maura (2010).
Stability in change. Routine programming of political coverage using the example of media coverage
in Swiss daily newspapers in the run-up to federal votes.

University of Zurich

Hoffmann, Jochen; Zerboni, Maura (2007).
Membership communication in nature conservation organization. A reception analysis of the Pro Natura Magazine Bern:
Institute for Communication and Media Science at the University of Bern.

2001 – 2006
University of Zurich
Media and Communication Science, lic. phil.
Degree program majoring in Media and Communication Science,
with minor subjects in Ethnology and Educational Psychology.

Master thesis (in German): Koch, Carmen; Trütsch, Martina; Wyler-Zerboni, Maura (2007).
Newspapers and young readers. 2007. Hamburg. Academic Transfer.

Further education

2007 – 2009
University of Zurich
Teaching Skills Certificate: Teaching program in higher education

Grand Casino Baden
Training as Black Jack Dealer