From small individual measures to complex large-scale projects – we have already implemented exciting communication and marketing projects for our customers. The range of our projects is wide. But it is not only the type of projects that is diverse; the target groups to which our developed measures are directed could not be more different: We communicate with athletes, professors, cultural leaders and entrepreneurs – nationally and internationally.

Event marketing
Our event marketing services include all communication within the framework of an event. We serve both print and online media. From the invitation concept, through the promotion of an event, to media work and event reporting, we ensure that the right messages are delivered at the right time, in the right place and to the desired target group. If required, we also lend a hand in the organization and implementation of events.

Online marketing, websites, social media campaigns
We create concepts for all types of websites including structure, content and design. Online marketing and newsletter concepts are as much a part of our repertoire as social media campaigns. We not only design, we also implement our concepts on request.

PR and media relations
We advise our clients in media relations and support them in their public relations work, both in print and digital.

Video productions and photo projects
Video productions and photo projects can be very complex. It is not only about the appealing transport of messages. Rather, extensive preparation and coordination work takes place behind the scenes. Content planning, tight time frames, difficult locations, demanding people in front of the camera are just some of the challenges that have to be mastered. Multitasking and organizational talent par excellence are required here. 

Our projects include much more. Under our service Texts & concepts you can see further services that we also implement at project level.