Our workshops revolve around the topic of communication. We offer classic workshops to develop communication strategies. We also conduct creative workshops in the field of conflict management together with our customers. Our workshops take place at the client’s premises if desired. For some topics, however, a change of location can help to give new impulses or to enable a change of perspective.

Communication strategy workshops
Do you have a product or a service and you know what your goal is, but you are not quite sure how to achieve it? In a workshop we will develop your target-oriented communication strategy together with you – also with your team if you wish.

Creative workshops
Do you have a vision or a goal, but need support with strategy and planning its implementation? Not sure which way is right for your company? Do you need to prioritize and weight your marketing and communication activities? In this phase we accompany companies with our professional creative workshops and give them the support they need.

Workshops in conflict situations
In difficult situations, saying the right thing in the right tone and at the right time is the supreme discipline of communication. This applies to both business and private relationships.

We are committed to this discipline and support our clients in crisis communication and internal communication as well as mediation and conflict coaching.