Conflicts can arise in all areas of life in which people communicate with each other. If two or more parties do not agree, seemingly insurmountable differences can arise. Mediation is a method to find a solution in this situation that is satisfactory for everyone involved.

Mediation means dispute resolution by impartial third parties, namely the mediator. In this procedure for the constructive settlement of a dispute, the mediator accompanies the parties to the conflict in a process of agreement. The different needs and interests of the parties are taken into account and they work together to find a fair solution. It is important that the mediator does not represent any of the parties and does not make any decisions in the agreement process.

Mediation is an out-of-court procedure and is based on the free will of the parties to the conflict to reach an agreement together. It is suitable for many types of disputes. We focus on the following areas:

Business mediation
Internal mediation
Mediation for team and group conflicts
Mediation of corporate succession
Mediation of generation conflicts
Family mediation

Conflict coaching
If one party stands alone with its will to work out a solution together with its counterpart, conflict coaching could be an alternative to mediation.

In contrast to the mediative process, conflict coaching does not require the participation of the other conflict parties. In this process, the causes of the conflict are identified and ways are worked out to get out of the conflict dynamics.