Website of the Excellence Foundation Zurich

The Excellence Foundation Zurich – EFZH for short – is a foundation of the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich. The purpose of the EFZH is to unite the best scientists at the Department of Economics in Zurich and to offer them the best possible conditions for top interdisciplinary research. To achieve its goal, the EFZH brings the Department together with companies, foundations and private individuals. The resulting projects and partnerships cover a broad spectrum of economic topics.

Wylkomm was commissioned to redesign and implement the existing website of the foundation. The project included the structural and content design as well as project management during implementation with our web design partner.


«As an innovative and future-oriented foundation, we need a reliable and strong partner in communication. This is why we have been working with Wylkomm for several years, where we always get good service, excellent support and creative solutions in addition to specialist know-how.»

Philip Lorenz Kramer, Former Managing Director, Excellence Foundation Zurich