My love for the mountains and hiking can in some way also be seen in my career. Whether I’m climbing mountains, or my hike takes me through different countries, every destination in my life has continually enriched me. Perhaps a bit of karma has also played a role in the fact that my multicultural heart has now found its way to Wylkomm: Four strong women who have their Latin American-Spanish-German-Swiss hearts in the right place, who have made customer orientation their top priority and who get to the heart of communication with joy and professional dedication – that’s where I flourish and feel at home.

My roots

I stormed into the world a month early in one of the heaviest snowstorms Boston/USA ever had. It was a great challenge for my parents. My father was in the middle of his Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). My German mother was also at MIT as an Engineering Assistant and was no less busy. I owe my first name to my premature birth: Heidi. Not that this name was common in the U.S. in 1969 – that came later, but my father had heard the story of Heidi in the mountains while he was vacationing in Switzerland, and my parents thought it was the perfect name for a blizzard child whom they hoped would also love the mountains as they did. It proved to be true.

Two and a half years later, we moved to Switzerland due to my dad’s lucrative job offer. Swiss German was added to my language backpack of English and German. This predisposition certainly played a major role in my graduation from the High School for Modern Languages.

After graduating from high school, I had two areas of interest: 1. study psychology. I was interested in applied psychology because human thinking and behavior captivated my interest from a very early age. Or 2. go straight into advertising. Since my ultimate goal was to have a family, I decided to go directly into advertising and complete a marketing education while working..

I was very fortunate to gain a lot of experience working for two smaller communications agencies. The mandates in the tourism industry were to influence my further path, which I did not know at the time.

Some of the highlights were, for example, the organization of the reading on the Nietzsche Stone in Sils-Maria. Or the inauguration of the «royal stage»of the Europe Hiking Trail between Grächen and Zermatt, which I documented and hiked together with former Swiss Federal Councilor Adolf Ogi. I was also delighted about the personal interview with Ivana Trump in New York or the documentary about Jun Sagara from Myoko, Zermatt’s twin town. Jun Sagara was flown to Switzerland after the earthquake in Kobe/Japan to complete a special training with the avalanche dog Nomo. This was the basis for all further training of rescue dogs in Japan, which are used after earthquakes to search for survivors in the ruins. I experienced a diverse range of projects and already then communication of the finest kind.

My passion

During my many trips to and in Mexico, I got to know and love the country, the people, and the language – which remains to be the language of my heart. It is still today one of my greatest satisfactions to have been able to carry out many projects for Isla Mujeres and Cancun. My expertise in the tourism industry, speaking different languages, and my understanding and openness to new ventures, have opened this gate for me. Also, my numerous contacts have excelled, and I am proud and happy of all I have encountered and accomplished.

The love for Mexico remained and much of what I learned continues to accompany me on my way still today. Working together, I discovered a new and very different culture. I saw my own culture and perspectives confronted and it was the beginning of growing beyond my horizons. Since then, I have been questioning things differently. The desire and the vision that ALL cultures may learn from each other, approach each other with interest and find the willingness to jointly explore new paths, to continuously allow changes in perspective to create and live a productive and enriching interaction, has become even more firmly anchored in me.

University of Zurich – Department of Economics

With my employment at the University of Zurich, Department of Economics, I found a new passion for event organization at the Excellence Foundation Zurich. Before that, I had gained a wide range of experience in promotional events at spool AG. After three years, a one-year position at one of the research centers of the Department of Economics, University of Zurich followed. At the Center for Child Well-being and Development (CCWD), I gained valuable insights into fundraising, which I substantiated with a CAS in Fundraising Operations at the ZHAW in 2021.

Back to the roots – in every sense

However, the offer from Wylkomm convinced me to return to my roots, namely marketing, and communications. Thanks to the many exciting mandates, the abundance of diversified communication projects, and the specialization in science communication that characterizes Wylkomm, I can contribute with all the knowledge I have gained and acquired at the University of Zurich. 

I am very grateful and happy to contribute to Wylkomm with a wide range of experiences and to plant new seeds together. I look forward to expanding into further, exciting, and challenging new areas. Whether I will use the coaching concept that I developed during my coaching training shortly before my son was born, remains open. The concept of BeWEGungsCoaching (Coaching in motion) is still right for me and could not be more current in terms of the meaning I had defined back then. Because in the word WEG for me «W» stands for «Wandel» = change, «E» for «Eingenverantwortung» = self-responsibility, and G for «Glaube» = faith (in myself and the good). Perhaps also here another «back to the roots»? Time will show…

Life consists of an endlessly exciting flow of circumstances and insights. I look forward to everything that lies ahead, enriches, complements, and expands me. I am excited to see what new, interesting, and fascinating topics will complement our journey. Four passionately committed women are ready to bring communication to the point with a lot of expertise, know-how, and joy.