It’s our daily business, it’s what we do best, it’s our passion: communication – not only for our customers, but also for our own business. Our declared goal for 2020 was therefore: we want to focus more on our agency. But, where does this fit in day-to-day business? And then there was Corona …

Probably every small company, whether producer or service provider, knows the dilemma: no time (and usually little money) for marketing. Now Wylkomm is a specialist in communications and should be able to master this discipline par excellence in its own company and apply it to itself. But far from it: day-to-day business prevents marketing on one’s own behalf. Why should we be any different than other agencies?

After a successful start in 2016, our communications agency has developed from a one-man business, consisting of the founder Maura Wyler, to a limited liability company with three creative women in 2020. The client base is constantly growing and so is the workload. Very good so far. But we want to continue to grow, expand our range of services, and open up new customer segments. We have now reached the point where we want to go a step further in terms of marketing.

Isn’t it always said that «the customer is king»? So we changed our perspective at the beginning of 2020 and treated ourselves as “our own customer”. We did a creative workshop in our sacred halls, analyzing and structuring our services, working out the special features of our agency, and developing a plan of action that would lead us to our goal. The range of measures is wide, but one thing was clear: a new website was urgently needed. Our new website should convey professionalism, have a special touch, and not cost a fortune. So, in the weeks that followed, we threw ourselves into our work with enthusiasm. However, as there are – fortunately – many «client kings» in our agency empire, our verve was quickly dampened again.

On the tightrope walk between the interests of our clients and our need to finally give ourselves a new face, we juggled with the day-to-day business, our new website, and – due to the Corona pandemic -, with the homeschooling of our children. At this point, a little excursion into the world of working mothers and the offspring who are just waiting to be taught by their parents at home. It was soooooo nice that the parents finally spent so much time with them. However, it would be much cooler doing handicrafts, go swimming or playing games together instead of looking at the books or the computer. But it needs to be done nevertheless! School comes first! Customer first! And what about our agency???

Now, we are in the fortunate position of not having lost any mandates despite the pandemic. It was a great blessing that there was no lack of work for us. We see this as a sign that we are crisis-proof and that this also applies to our clients. However, the lockdown was still a challenge for our plan to take care of our small agency.  Well then, we finally made it. The website is up and running and we are very proud of it. The highlight was the team photo shoot in the coworking space of Office LAB in Spreitenbach – a huge area with state-of-the-art equipment. At this point a big thank you for allowing us to move freely around the premises and pick out the spots that were suitable for our shooting. A really impressive location. And our photographer Patrick Rissi did a great job, setting the scene for us. 

The website is live, but our goal is far from being achieved. Which is also a good thing. Because, as they say: “The way is the goal”. With fun at work, coupled with a good portion of discipline, we are now looking forward to the next steps on the way to becoming a communications agency with that certain something.

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Autorin: Natalia Wannhoff